Montessy World

Montessy is a French sustainable luxury clothing house which cultivates an artisanal craftsmanship dedicated to resolutely iconoclastic men. Montessy was born from the love of beautiful things of siblings passionate about traditional know-how. Each of the founders contributes to the development and creation of the collections, mixing sportswear and sometimes even streetwear influences with luxury classic codes. The brand works with high quality noble fabrics such as extra fine wool, cashmere and silk. Made in France (and Italy), the items crafted by Montessy voluntarily free themselves from industrial manufacturing processes and from any compromise in terms of cost or time. Handcrafted production for refined collections, modern cuts and sublime fabrics with an incomparable touch.

Sustainable luxury

Montessy products are made of high-quality noble fabrics destined to last. They are crafted locally according to the old-age artisanal techniques in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.